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Lead Generation Has Never Been Easier Or More Cost Efficient.

No Surges On Your Costs

You select the county(ies) you wish to have electrical leads exclusively sent to you, by telephone and by form submission from the website.

The way we operate is simple, cost-efficient and calculated up front.  With 1-877-Electric, you only pay for your selected counties, NEVER for the leads!  There are no shocking tallies on leads every month...only one price regardless of the number of leads.

  • You Choose Your Exact Counties – choose which county or counties you want to receive leads from. Whether they're generated by a phone call or from the response form on the website, every lead is yours and yours alone all for only the county fee.
  • Flat Fee Per County  - Monthly fees for counties as based on the population size. Counties with a population of 25,000-200,000 are only $20 monthly – an incredible price per reach!

See the rate chart.

No Overloads When Managing Calls

Route Your Calls To Wherever You Want – Every lead who fills out a “request a quote form” or dials 1-877-Electric from your county, will be routed to the telephone number you specify.  If you have several locations within different counties, you can have leads sent to county-specific locations.

Listen In And Learn -  Members are given a private login to the 1-877-Electric site so they can listen to all calls for the last 60 days.  Call Recording is a great tool for scrutinizing incoming calls so you never miss a chance to respond to a lead. You can also tailor lead responses to insure conversion. You can refine the quality of your call-back response to improve sales and customer service. 

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