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Frequently Asked Questions

How does membership in 1-877-Electric work?
The 1-877-Electric membership program is a unique lead generating program. By becoming part of our program, you will own the phone number 1-877-Electric for whichever counties you choose. You can choose one county, two or three counties or as many as you would like, (provided they are not already taken). All calls coming from the county(ies) that you own will be directed to the terminating number of your choice. With it being an easy number to remember, 1-877-Electric will soon be identified closely with your business.

Will my commitment to 1-877-Electric be long term?
1-877-Electric does not require long term commitments from our members. It is a month-to-month agreement therefore your membership will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis. And, as long as the membership is paid for each month you will own the number and the counties of your choice for as long as you wish.

Is canceling my membership an option?
Canceling your agreement with 1-877-Electric is very simple. Just notify us 14 days before the end of the month to do so. This is a lead generation program designed with the best interest of our members in mind. Because the membership is so inexpensive for the value you receive, we expect almost no one to ever cancel their membership.

Will I be paying too much for the leads provided by 1-877-Electric?
You always know in advance what your monthly fee will be as it is based on your county population at the time you sign up for membership to the program.. Some smaller populated counties are as low as $10.00 a month! Once your agreement has been signed, the agreed upon price will be the amount due each month. We never charge per lead, or a per minute fee no matter how many leads are received!

I am never in my office. Can I have the 1-877-Electric number be directed to my cell phone?
Of course! Our system allows you to choose the destination phone that you want your leads to be sent to. The destination phone can be a landline or it can be a cell phone. Whichever works best for our customers is what we will do!

Will there be other add-on” charges to my monthly 1-877-Electric account?
Never! Once the initial $79.00 activation fee has been paid, there will not be any additional charges added to your bill. The agreed upon price for the county or counties that you have chosen will be the price charged each month.

Will my fees increase greatly after the first month?
Once again your monthly fee is locked in place for the first year of participation. After the first year, rates could increase, but never more than 8%. For example, if your monthly bill were $20.00 a month, a rate increase in year two would make it only $21.60 a month. We will notify you of any rate increase before they take place.

What are my payment options?
We will automatically charge your credit card each month for the amount of the monthly fee. By doing so, you will be guaranteed an uninterrupted lead supply coming through your 1-877-Electric phone number each and every day.

Will 1-877-Electric help me track my leads?
As a lead generating source for your business, we will work with you to capture the lead information in two ways. First, you are automatically sent an email for every “request for a price quote” that is receive at the www.1877electric.com website from your counties. That way, you will have a permanent record of all leads that do request a price quote. Second, for sixty days after a call is made to 1-877-Electric, we will store every call for you to view and to listen to again. We will provide you with a convenient login so you can review calls at your leisure.

Is the use of the 1-877-Electric phone number prohibited in my other advertising?
Absolutely not! We encourage all of our members to use the highly-memorable 1-877-Electric phone number in all of their advertising. The easy to memorize number will allow customers to associate your business with 1-877-Electric. By promoting the phone number in all advertising, the number of leads you generate will greatly increase, providing you with more customers and greater profit!

What are my ownership rights to 1-877-Electric? 
You own the rights to the number for your specific territory based on the counties you have selected upon joining the service. The 1-877-Electric phone number will be attached to your business for as long as the monthly payments are made. As the number  becomes closely identified with your business, it is a valuable asset worth transferring. If you choose to sell your business, the membership can be moved to the new owner. Be sure to point out what a worthy lead generating tool 1-877-Electric is for your business.


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